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100g package of Premium Quality Pure Stevia Concentrate min 95% steviol glycosides with a min of 80% Reb A content..
This is pure stevia fillers...not a blend. The highest quality available with a steviol glycoside content of 95% and a Reb A min content of 80%...
1/4 tsp equals the approx sweetness of 1 cup sugar ...
Stevioside vs Rebaudiosides: Clearing Up the Confusion:
Many stevia consumers complain about a liquorice aftertaste caused by their stevia concentrate products. This unfortunate experience can be eliminated with a little knowledge learned regarding stevia There are large differences between stevia products. First in the variety of product, Stevia spoonable (white in color)...a blend of stevia concentrate and a bulking agent...quality depends on the ingredients used by the manufacturer...try to avoid those with more than two or three ingredients....HerbCare Supreme Spoonable has only two...high quality stevia concentrate and inulin derived from chicory.
There is also natural stevia powder (green) This is the whole stevia leaf ground up and has a strong aftertaste which cannot be is the most natural form of stevia with the most nutrient value however most people do not like the strong can also be acquired un-ground in a "tea" cut which is good for adding to herbal tea mixtures...
There is liquid stevia, a blend of stevia concentrate and water ...some manufacturers will add other ingredients be sure to check can make your own liquid at a fraction the cost of the pre-made by simply blending concentrate with warm purified water and adding to a dropper bottle...
...and then there is the pure Stevia Concentrate itself (white) ...the quality can vary hugely and this is where it becomes a little tricky...
Without getting to technical the basic reason is that within a stevia leaf there are four major sweetening which is well known is will see some people boasting 80% stevioside in their product and may think this is a high quality powder but that is misleading...what you want to look for is a high content of Rebaudioside A...preferably 80% minimum...Of the four sweet components within the stevia leaf studies have proved Rebaudioside A has the sweetest , purest taste. It only makes up about 3-4% of the leaf...stevioside is approx 17% ...
Unfortunately stevioside is the most widely used in N. America because it is less expensive and more readily available. In Japan where stevia is consumed widely they use almost exclusively the Rebaudioside A leaving the more bitter stevioside to be used in pet food where the consumer (Fluffy, Fido, Spot etc) is not as concerned with aftertaste.
HerbCare Stevia Supreme Concentrate has a minimum Rebaudioside A content of 80%
...making it a clean, pure and incredibly sweet taste, (approx 300x the sweetness of sugar) .
When purchasing a stevia concentrate do not be fooled by claims of 80% or 90 % avoid disappointment in this wonderful, healthy and natural herb ask what the Rebaudioside A content is!
We offer only the highest Reb A content stevia...pure sweetness!
Be sure to check our Stevia Recipes on the HerbCare website and also send in your own recipes for others to enjoy!

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    Posted by Maureen Goldstein on 2018 Jun 11th

    This is the absolute best stevia I have ever purchased. This is my second purchase. It is pure and I use so much less than other stevias to obtain the same sweetness. Love it!